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What is Planeteers?

Planeteers is a colorful, open-world, full 3D game packed with adventures and quests waiting to be discovered. The game is set in an uncharted planet far from Earth. Being the first astronaut to reach this inhabitable planet, it is your job and duty to study, gather information and start building your home base. The game is also packed with lots of features that allows you to build vehicles, create food and even code simple command programs on your very own robots.


Is the game PC exclusive?

While we are aiming to provide the game to a wide spectrum of platforms, the current versions we have are Windows, Mac and Android. Check out our Download page to learn more!


How many players can play the game?

Planeteers is a single player game, but we’re aiming for it to be multiplayer as well.


How do you control your character?

For Mac and Windows, your primary movement and camera control is the mouse. You can also press the Spacebar to jump. For mobile devices, we’ve provided a joystick on the lower right side of the screen for movement control. You can swipe and pinch the screen to adjust the camera angle.


What are the main features of the game?

The game is packed with so many features that you can tinker around and explore with, but the major features are the following:

Builder – which lets you build towers and vehicles
Crafting – which lets you combine materials to create food, clothing or even animals
Blockly – which lets you practice your skills in coding by programming a robot or a drone
Farming – which lets you explore different crops and take care of different animals
Terraforming – which lets you change the landscape according to what you want

You will be using these features frequently as you progress.


How do I get more clothing for my avatar?

There are two ways to collect clothing: First, you can gather enough materials and craft clothes and the second, is by rewards obtained when leveling up.


How do I save my progress ?

Your progress is automatically saved whenever you close the game, so don’t worry about losing your game progress.


What if I want to use the features in game to create art with Builder parts?

We highly encourage our players to be free with their imagination when it comes to building things in-game. You are free to share whatever you create with your friends and family. You can also send it to us! Who knows? Your work of art might just appear in one of our features.


Will there be updates?

Updating the game is essential for improving the experience you get. We will definitely push out updates BUT we will make sure to notify you if an update is coming. You can check out our blog site for stories from our Community Moderator.


How do I play the game?

Head on over to our download page to get a copy of the game! Installing it is very easy. Just download it and run, it’s that simple.


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You can head on over to our home page and check out our latest blog posts.


I have a suggestion/comment

Your feedback is very important to us. Send your thoughts to us via e-mail or through our social media pages. We’ll be here to listen.