Journey to the North! Taking a Trip to the Polar Cap

The New Home World is full of new experiences just waiting to be found. With its own environment, fauna and flora, we are bound to discover new continents to study and explore.


If we go waaaay up to the north, we’ll find the freezing lands of the  Polar Cap continent!  It is a massive continental island with below zero degree temperatures all year round. Most of the land mass is actually thick solid ice that were formed over many, many years. Because of this extreme climate, snowstorms and blizzards are the common weather patterns you will experience. The towering mountains are also covered in a blanket of ice and snow.


Another interesting thing about the Polar Cap is its day and night cycles. Due to its location, being on the very top of the planet, mornings and evenings tend to last a lot longer. On Earth, our popular polar regions also exhibit the same cycle. In Antarctica and the Arctic, days and night can last up to six months each! Cool, huh?


Because of the harsh environment of the Polar Cap, farming becomes a really challenging task. Most saplings quickly wilt when exposed to sub-zero temperatures, and seeds also freeze under thick layers of snow. Back in Earth, scientists build greenhouses to support and study plant life in the arctic regions. This is super important to them as it allows them to grow vegetables and fruit for resources. Gotta keep themselves healthy during exploration!

While exploring along the coastlines, you might even spot some awesome penguins! These birds, though flightless, have adapted to the extreme temperatures of the Polar Cap. Their feathers are tightly packed together and are dynamic so that they can slide over ice glades. During blizzards, penguins huddle together to keep each other warm. They’re super friendly too!


Because of the extreme conditions, most of the Polar Cap is still shrouded in mystery. With enough exploration, you might even find a hidden secret base! Ooooh, mysterious! So if you’re planning to explore the Polar Cap, make sure to prepare your mission critical gear beforehand.


Gotta prepare my camera to take some picture of penguins! See you next time!