Dev Talk: Farming

Hi Planeteers!


Welcome to Dev Talk! Where we interview our developers and tease out any secrets they might be keeping regarding updates, features and anything related to the game.


Today, I’m talking to one of our lead developers, Justeen.


The topic for the interview? Farming.


Farming is one of the vital features in game as you need to create food supplies to sustain your Avatar. Growing and maintaining your crops will take time, resources and dedication to master.


Without further ado, let’s get to the interview!


CM: Hi Justeen! Thank you so much for making time for this interview.


JU: No worries! I’m glad to be here to give our players more information.


CM: So, first question, why was farming added?


JU: It’s actually one of the last features to be added in-game. When we added the animal cloning feature, it came to mind that it would be amazing to tend plants as well. We wanted to add a sense of the home world to the game. *laughs*


CM: I see. The game is full of technology, how does the idea of farming fit into all of that?


JU:  Good question! It actually fits very well. You see, farming in real life provides you with food, and food will be essential forever as long as we live. So even with all the technology, you really need to go back to your roots when it comes to farming. You just add the tech, and farming becomes better.

CM: What was the most challenging part in designing the farming system in-game?


JU: The most challenging part would be how the plants grow depending on many factors such as the weather, the land, the amount of water and nutrients used. Stuff like that. The logic behind that is very complicated.


CM: Any sneak peeks on new features?


JU: In the near future, we’re planning to add a Greenhouse. This will be the home for your crops, so that you can also do farming on other continents. We’re really looking forward to it.


CM: That sounds exciting! Any words for Planeteers out there who love to code?


JU: Explore Blockly! Blockly is an amazing feature that will let you do some simple mini-game inside the game. It helps develop and enhance your coding skills, specially the logic needed.


CM: Good words! Thanks for the insights!


Well Planeteers, that’s it for our interview session! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Talking to developers directly is really cool.


If you have requests, don’t hesitate! Just send us an email or hit us up on social media.


Until next time. Happy exploring! 🙂