FAQ of the Week – Builder

Hi Planeteers!


Welcome to our FAQ segment where we answer some of your questions. Today’s focus is the Builder, one of the most important features of the game. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Q:How do I access the Builder?


Open the bottom Mission tools menu and select the builder icon


Q: I need to build underneath my creation, how do I do that?


Select your creation and then select the lift button just beside the trash can button. Once you do that, your creation will lift up and you’ll be able to see it better. You can even lift it up and down by dragging.


Q: How about moving my creation? I built a boat and can’t work out how to put it in the ocean!


First, if you lift your creation using the lift feature. Then activate the “move” button to drag your boat around in space. There is also a rotate button for spinning it.

Q: I’m having some troubles with engines and batteries…


Engines and Batteries will determine the power and life of your vehicle. Simply put, the more engines you add, the faster your vehicle will go and the more power you will consume. More batteries means longer life for powering your vehicle. If you want to charge when the vehicle is not being used, try adding solar panels!

Q: What are textures?


Aside from making your blocks look fancy, textures can also be used to give your blocks a different property. Some textures will retain your normal blocks properties, such as buoyancy and some textures will turn your blocks into solid unmovable objects. It’s perfect for making huge forts and bases!


Hopefully this FAQ segment was helpful? If you have questions email us or hit us up on social media.


Till next time!