How To! Four Tips in Building an Aircraft

The world of Planeteers is vast and awesome. Exploring entire continents on foot isn’t advised, and many Planeteers will have already created a Rover to make exploring easier. But why only travel on land, when you can also travel by air?


Enter Aircrafts! Strap in and take to the skies to travel much larger distances and get a bird’s eye view of the planet’s terrain and ecosystems. Plus, everyone wants to be a pilot sometime right!?


To get you started, here are four tips when building your first aircraft:


TIP 1 – Use the right building blocks
Planes need a body, wings and tail. They need to be stable and balanced to be able to fly, so it’s important to choose the right building blocks, which need to be light and strong. In the builder you’ll find some dedicated plane parts including wings… start with those!


TIP 2 – Experiment with Propellers and Jets
To launch your airplane into the air you’ll need thrust! Depending on the size and weight of your airplane you might try propeller engines, or if more power is needed, jet engines! You can also use multiple engines rather than just one at the front for example. Try adding an engine to each wing for greater power and good balance.

TIP 3 – Test flight!

Before you fly your aircraft to faraway places, be sure to do shorter test flights. Start with a short flight and if something isn’t quite right, land quickly to avoid disaster, then go back and check your design. Make the changes you feel are needed to improve, then take another test flight. Repeat this process with longer test flights at each stage until your happy with the design!


TIP 4 – 10/10 Landing!

Taking off and flying are one thing, but landing is another. Plan your landings before takeoff, make sure you have a nice strip of flat land near your basecamp… you can even craft and add light markers for night landings!



By the way, if you want to share your aircraft designs we’d love to see them!


Happy flying!