Planeteers Builder Challenge! – Design a Lunar Rover

Hello Planeteers!


Welcome to our very first ‘Challenge!’ segment, where we challenge everyone to bust out their designing skills to create mission critical machines and equipment


A Rover is an important vehicle for Planeteers and one of the first things that you’ll create in the game as a means of exploring further and faster!As with any design, follow the basic engineering process to come up with the best rover for your mission needs! It should be able to travel over all kinds of terrain, and you may even want to add amphibious features for that extra mile of awesomeness!


By the way, the engineering process is something you’re probably already familiar with, and is just a bunch of steps to help design something that works, all starting with the problem you need to solve… in this case you need wheels to explore the planet! So imagine a design, build it, test it, then fix any issues or make any improvements. Test it again, and once you are happy submit your design!


To submit your design, just send as a snapshot using the game camera along with a brief description of why your Rover is the coolest. The winners will be featured directly on our page. You can send your Rover Design via our social media OR e-mail us at [email protected]


The rules are very simple:


1) Your design must be original

2) Your design must be working in-game

3) Of course, it must be a rover


Our team will hand pick three winners to be featured in an article by yours truly! It’s your chance to grace our front page with your amazing interplanetary design skills!


Have fun designing! 🙂