Monster Mania! Hot Tips to Outwit the Night Invaders

If you’ve been playing Planeteers for a time, you might have had an experience similar to this:


The sun sets and the skies turn dark, so you turn your flashlight on. It all seems like another peaceful night under the stars on a planet far far away… Until the ground starts shaking, and you see flaming meteors falling from the sky!!


The first time I had this experience, Socket and my avatar took shelter, narrowly escaping the meteor shower! Once it was over we thought that was it, we made it! But then we saw the rocky, orange looking monsters appear, then wreak havoc by stealing parts and destroying our base! The sun rises again and they escape, your base left in ruins.


The Monsters seem to come only at night and always strike in groups. But they don’t always come, some nights we lay in wait for their arrival only to spend the night in a relative state of uneventfulness.


Based on Socket’s analysis, the Monsters are nighttime creatures from the nearest moon. They plunder resources for their own benefit to take back to the dark side of the moon. It seems they are not fans of the daytime and always escape just before sunrise.

Mission Control sent plans for a Gauntlet upgrade. The upgrade enhances the Gauntlet with a relatively harmless light cannon that can be used to scare off the Monsters. Usually it takes 5 to 6 light gun blasts to send them teleporting back to their moon world!


Of course with a pack of Monsters it’s harder to stop them all from making off with components from basecamp. And the Monsters are so craaaaaazy for Builder parts! With three or four Monsters running about, you really need to devise a better strategy for stopping them than simply blasting away with your light enhanced Gauntlet.


One strategy is to create a junk pile to distract them from pillaging from your mission vehicles or home base. You might also build defense walls to stop them easily entering your basecamp. Mission Control and Socket are working on new plans for light traps and bot controlled Sentry cannons. Once these are ready you’ll be able to craft them to add to your anti-monster arsenal.


No matter what your strategy, be sure to share your Monster thwarting experiences with the Community by sending us some in-game pics.


See you next time!