Planeteers – Production Team Flight Challenge!

Every day, the team spends hours discussing game enhancements and upgrades!With so many hours spent with pencil and paper, I thought it would be great to have a team challenge in game to liven things up J  So, while everyone was @lunch, I went into stealth mode and fired up Planeteers on their computer, with a post it note challenge stuck to their screens. That’s right! Hilarious!!


The challenge you might ask? To build the best aircraft in under half an hour 😀


Check out the results below:


Marc, our 3D designer, built this dual propeller and tail aircraft for speed!


Marc had a bit of an edge given his 3D modelling talents, and the aircraft certainly did fly fast, but it wasn’t the most responsive controls wise and he hilariously crashed into the ocean, his plane sinking to the bottom never to be seen again. Bye Marc’s Aircraft~ 😛


Next up our lead developer, Justeen created a flying machine with twin turbines, again hoping for more thrust and speed in the air.


We initially thought that this won’t fly at all given how heavy the front part looks, but surprisingly it flew really well! Not the fastest of planes, but the control was just perfect.


And lastly below, a more traditional design from our Concept Artist, who aptly named it JetFlame. Cool huh!

Jetflame is compact, lightweight and simple and was the fastest and most responsive of the aircraft created.


Some cool new ideas came out of our design and testing session, with some upgrades planned to enhance builder’s ability to create even cooler flying machines.


If you have a challenge idea for the team we’d love to hear it! Just hit us up via email or social media.


Until next time!